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Integrated Aircrew Survival Vest


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The Mustang Survival MSV971 LE is an integrated life preserver / Survival Vest (LP/SV) system which is the culmination of years of product knowledge, experience and user feedback. Designed specifically for pilots and aircrew to be worn over flight suits, the Mustang Survival MSV971 LE has an inflatable flotation cell integrated into a survival vest which is lightweight and comfortable, while providing ample storage for personal survival accessories. Providing a full 37 lbs. of buoyancy, the inflatable cell - available with manual inflation - is comprised of two independent chambers, separated by a fully integrated floating baffle system contained in a flame resistant collar. This provides for an orally inflated reserve chamber in the event that the primary chamber becomes damaged. The MSV971 LE's unique cell design has been engineered to exhibit excellent self-righting and flotation properties. Manual inflation is achieved by pulling on a beaded handle which is positioned in a convenient location, yet protected from snagging. The collar which contains the packed life preserver is constructed from fire resistant 6 oz. Nomex® aramid fabric. The collar is extremely slim in profile, providing no restriction to visibility or head movement with helmet and oxygen mask worn. The perimeter of the collar is held closed with zip closures which automatically open upon cell inflation. The MSV971 LE is compatible with aircraft seat harness, other aircrew survival gear and accessories and is designed to withstand wind blasts associated with jet aircraft ejection. This base model MSV971 LE is for use in non-high-speed ejection seat applications in various aircraft around the world.

Each vest is lightweight - approximately 3 lbs. unloaded, and contains specific customized pocket requirements for stowage of survival items such as rations or lights. The MSV971 LE is constructed from Nomex® fire resistant cover and fire resistant open mesh aramid material for lightweight comfort, minimizing heat stress. Four sizes of MSV971 LE are available, accommodating up to a 52 inch (132 cm) chest size. Individual fit is further aided by the adjustable chest strap and waist belt. As well, each vest is equipped with an integrated lifting harness for over water rescue by helicopter, and contains a buddy line and US Coast Guard approved SOLAS whistle.

In-water Performance

Fully inflated, the life preserver provides an effective buoyant force of 165 Newtons (37 lbs.). Self-righting of the wearer is achieved within 5 seconds of activation. The wearer is supported in a stable, upright position with the mouth held well clear of the water surface, at an angle of approximately 45° from the vertical.

Inflation is achieved with a single point mechanical inflator system, utilizing a replaceable 34-37 gram CO² cylinder (nominal 35 grams) conforming to Type III of MIL-C-25369. Backup oral inflation is provided on both front and rear chambers with an oral inflation system conforming to MIL-0-81375.


The high frequency welded construction of the inflatable cell utilizes polyurethane coated nylon fabric which exceeds the requirements of both MIL-C-83489 and AMS 3272/1. The protective collar is constructed from neoprene coated, fore resistant 6 oz. Nomex® aramid anti-static fabric which exceeds the requirements of MIL-C-83429.

The MSV971 LE is constructed from raschel knitted open mesh Nomex® aramid cloth conforming to MIL-C-43989. The harness, waist belt and chest adjustment strap are constructed from MIL-W-4088 and MIL-W-17337 webbing.

Mustang Survival CAGE / NSCM / FSC 37463
SIN 633-21a

Available Colors

MSV971 aircrew integrated survival vest navy blueMSV971 aircrew integrated survival vest pfd black Blue/Black


MSV971 law enforcement aircrew integrated survival vest pfd blue

Mustang Survival Gear brought to you by www.machovec.com


  • Platforms: Various international users and airframeslife vest for helicoptersurvival vest for transport aircraft
  • LP stole: Long with zippered closure
  • LP color: Yellow
  • Outside pockets consist of 4 right side, 2 left side with basic fastener tape closure
  • Inside pockets consist of 1 left side, 1 right side and 2 small back
  • Radio / Beacon compatible: small beacon 5" x 3.5" x 1.5" or 13 cm x 9 cm x 4 cm
  • Manual inflatable flotation cell
  • Provides 37 lbs Buoyancy which is more than twice the buoyancy needed for an average person to float
  • Survival vest contains specific pockets for stowage of survival gear
  • Made with Nomex® fire resistance fabric and mesh
  • Dual chamber system for emergency oral inflation in the event of damage to one chamber
  • Integrated lifting harness
  • Waist and chest adjustment straps
  • Buddy-line and SOLAS whistle
  • Weighs approximately 3 lbs unloaded

** Export restrictions may apply, call for inquiry.

MSV971 LE Size Chart

  Chest (inches) Chest (cm) NSN
Small 36" - 40" 91 - 102 4220-25-146-4276
Medium 40" - 44" 102 - 112 4220-21-146-4299
Large 44" - 48" 112 - 122 4220-21-146-4300
Extra Large 48" - 52" 122 - 132 4220-21-146-4301

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Mustang Survival Warranty and Repair Information

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2017 Mustang Survival Industrial and Commercial Catalog

2017 Mustang Survival Angler Catalog

2016 Mustang Survival Public safety Product Guide

Public Safety Catalog

2016 Mustang Survival Military Product Guide

Military Catalog

2016 Mustang Survival Product Guide

2016 Product Guide

2016 Mustang Survival Range Book

2016 Range Book

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