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3-Point Dethatcher


60" - $399.10
70" - $464.10
80" - $529.10

This 3 point tractor dethatcher rake is great for use in dethatching grass, grooming horse arenas, driveways, pre-seeding, raking leaves and sticks, dethatching pastures for better grass growth, planting and dethatching food plots, or to help level off trails or loose dirt. Available for a category 1 hitch. This is a unit that once you use it, it will stay on your tractor because of all the uses it has.

This great 3 point tractor attachment lends itself to a variety of applications. Popular with landscapers, ranchers and gardeners who want to collect sticks, leaves, debris, rubbish and cut grass. Great for spreading loose top soil and gravel. Also assists in breaking up clumps of soil. Ideal for use on golf courses, stables and paddocks, acreages, parks and brush land to name a few.

This Tine Rake Dethatcher is the ultimate spring clean-up tool. Use the rake for the first mowing of spring to remove thatch, embeded leaves and debris. The agriculture grade tines lift thatch without damaging healthy turf grass and at the same time lifts matted grass giving the lawn a hand raked look.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots and other small lawn debris between the top growth of your grass and the roots. Thatch acts like a barrier shield to a healthy lawn, keeping moisture, air and neutrients from entering your lawn's root system. Removing this layer, or dethatching, helps your lawn's root system prosper. If you plan to seed, dethatching is an important step that should not be overlooked before spreading. Seed will often take root in thatch rather than the soil, and will die out quickly due to insufficient access to nutrients and water.

Whether you mulch or bag when you mow, the three point tractor dethatcher can be used the entire growing season to control thatch accumulation and reduce turf disease.

3-point dethatcher / arena drag is very popular amongst horse entheusiasts. Professionally maintain and groom your your horse arena to ensure consistancy so you can enjoy the perfect ride. Whether your arena supports pleasure riding or high performance competition - this dethatcher / arena drag is designed to give you the best footing possible for the longevity of your horses health and performance. This dethatcher / arena drag can also be used in the paddock for spreading manure.

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3-Point Dethatcher

3 point dethatcher lawn rake

3-point dethatcher lawn rake



  • Available in 60", 70" and 80" width for a Category 1 hitch
  • Heavy Duty steel construction with tough powder-coat finish ensures long lasting durability
  • Double frame dethatcher filled with rake tines
  • Replacement spring steel tines are available
  • Versatile 3-point dethatcher is ideal for grading, leveling, spreading topsoil and removing stones from lawns
  • Clears roots and trash
  • Breaks up sod clumps
  • Spreads stones or gravel
  • Smooths driveways, ball diamonds and parking lots
  • Professionally maintain and groom your your horse arena to ensure consistancy so you can enjoy the perfect ride
  • Can also be used in the paddock for spreading manure


Length's Available 60.5" | 70.5" | 80.5"
Height 31¼"
Width 7"
Color Finish Black corrosion resistant powder coat finish
For use with 25-35 HP Tractors
Hitch Type 3-Point Category 1
Weight 60" - 38 lbs. | 70" - 41 lbs.
Tines (qty) 60" - 24 | 70" - 28 | 80" - 32

Download 3 point tractor dethatcher assembly instructions.

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