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Dethatcher Tine



Replacement tine for dethatchers and are made in the USA so you know you are buying quality product which will save you money and time. No more replacing tines every year because these tines are industrial agricultural grade.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, roots and other small lawn debris between the top growth of your grass and the roots. Thatch acts like a barrier shield to a healthy lawn, keeping moisture, air and nutrients from entering your lawn's root system. Removing this layer, or dethatching, helps your lawn's root system prosper. If you plan to seed, dethatching is an important step that should not be overlooked before spreading. Seed will often take root in thatch rather than the soil, and will die out quickly due to insufficient access to nutrients and water.

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Dethatcher Tine

3-point dethatcher replacement tine

PinIt Dethatcher Tine


  • 3/16" diameter triple coil strength spring steel tine guarantees maximum efficiency, durability and thatch removal

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