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mj6214fr flame resistant version flotation bomber jacket

Flotation Bomber Jacket


MJ6214 FR - Designed for operations where the environment dictates the need for flame resistance and anti-static qualities as well as protection from the wet and cold. Discontinued - Limited stock.

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ms2175 united states navy work suit

Anti-Exposure Worksuit


MS195 FR - Developed in response to a unique requirement for a coverall that provides flotation, hypothermia and fire protection to the wearer.

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MSF300 tactical aircrew dry suit system

Tactical Aircrew Dry Suit System


MSF300 - The MSF300 is a two-layer Aircrew Dry Suit that combines the performance of the 3 layer MAC300 into two layers allowing greater mobility with reduced bulk and lower thermal burden.

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ma7345 replacement outer shell for msf300

Replacement Shell


MA7345 - Gore-Tex® / Nomex® replacement outer shell for MSF300

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