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Classic Flotation Bib Pant

MP4212 FR


Mustang Survival's Flame Resistant Bib Pant was developed for flight line personnel and the duties they perform, often in extreme environments. Bringing all the features of Mustang Survival's Classic Bib Flotation Pant, the MP4212 FR Flame Resistant version offers an anti-static 6 oz neoprene backed Nomex® IIIA outer shell to meet the hazards of flight line duties.

Designed to be worn with Mustang Survival's Flame Resistant Foul Weather Jacket MJ6214 FR or Coat MC1504 FR (discontinued), the Flame Resistant Flotation Bib Pant provides foam insulation that will not only keep you warm during regular marine activities, but will also increase hypothermia protection in the event of cold water immersion. This high fitting bib overall pant has broad, adjustable elasticized suspenders. Gusseted lower leg zippers allow for donning / doffing while wearing heavy footware. There are two waist pockets with drainage mesh.

When worn with a Mustang Survival flotation jacket or coat, flotation bib pants provide superior buoyancy and hypothermia protection to keep you safe and warm during all your marine activities. Mustang Survival has a long history of working closely with the military to develop survival apparel solutions that offer enhanced performance and improved comfort.

Available Colors

MP4212 FR flame resistant Flotation Bib Pants navy blue Navy Blue

MP4212 FR

MP4212 FR flame resistant Flotation Bib Pants in orange

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  • Outer shell is constructed of Flame Resistant (FR) 6 oz NOMEX® IIIA, a fiber blend that provides superior protection against fire and has permanent anti-static properties
  • Intended for use by flight line personnel working around aircraft where fire and radiant heat hazards pose a threat
  • Reinforced abrasion patches on knees
  • AirSoft™ Foam Flotation System is engineered to enhance flotation and hypothermia protection
  • Adjustable elasticized suspenders
  • Leg zippers allow ease of entry and donning over boots
  • Enhanced waterproofing
  • Provides additional hypothermia protection and flotation support

SIN 633-21a

MP4212 FR Size Chart

  Chest (inches) Waist (inches) Inseam (inches) Weight (lbs) Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Inseam (cm) Weight (kg)
S 34" - 38" 28 - 30 27.5 99 - 154 87 - 97 71 - 76 70 45 - 70
M 38" - 42" 32 - 34 31 132 - 198 96 - 107 81 - 86 79 60 - 90
L 42" - 46" 36 - 38 32 176 - 242 107 - 117 91 - 97 81 80 - 110
XL 46" - 50" 40 - 42 33 198 - 276 117 - 127 102 - 107 84 90 - 125
2XL 50" - 54" 44 - 46 34 242 - 309 127 - 137 112 - 117 86 110 - 140

MP4212 FR Specifications Sheet

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