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ma2613 pacifica 40l weatherproof duffel

Pacifica™ 40L Weatherproof Duffel


MA2613 - The MA2613 40L waterproof duffel bag meets most size restrictions for aircraft carry on requirements..

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ma2614 60L weatherproof duffel bag

Pacifica™ 60L Weatherproof Duffel


MA2614 - The MA2614 weatherproof duffel bag has grab handles along the perimeter for easy transport and sliding in and out of tight spaces.

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ma2615 highwater 22l waterproof day pack

Highwater™ 22L Watetrproof Day Pack


MA2615 - Designed for every day life on and around the water using technology and knowledge gained from designing dry suits.

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ma2616 highwater 80L gear hauler

Highwater™ 80L Gear Hauler


MA2616 - The MA2616 Highwater™ waterproof gear hauler has a 210D floating collar that allows an additional 20L of storage when needed wet or dry.

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ma2601 organize 5l roll top dry bag

5L Roll Top Dry Bag


MA2601 02 - The MA2601 02 5 Liter Bluewater Roll Top Gear Hauler is designed to allow for easier packing in a unique rectangular shape with a convenient ID window for labeling.

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ma2602 organize 10l roll top dry bag

10L Roll Top Dry Bag


MA2602 02 - The Bluewater day bags are perfect for everyday trips or extended overnight excursions. These gear haulers feature waterproof construction with a 210 denier coated nylon shell.

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ma2603 organize 15l roll top dry bag

15L Roll Top Dry Bag


MA2603 02 - These Bluewater Gear Bags utilize fully welded construction for unmatched durability. Unique cube design packs together tightly and won't roll around the deck.

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ma2604 organize 20l roll top dry bag

30L Roll Top Dry Bag


MA2604 02 - TPU coated for maximum waterproofing and outstanding abrasion resistance. This coating offers good low temperature flexibility and is easy to clean.

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ma2605 organize 35l roll top dry bag

35L Roll Top Dry Bag


MA2605 02 - All the Bluewater Dry Bags offer a waterproof label window so you can see what's inside without letting in the elements.

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ma2607 bluewater 15l hydration pack

15L Hydration Pack


MA2607 - Travel light with this hydration ready pack that's roomy enough to hold your water, rain gear, lunch and accessories.

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ma2608 bluewater 30l gear hauler

Bluewater 30L


MA2608 - This Bluewater gear hauler features a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) panel for custom gear configurations.

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ma2610 bluewater 55l gear hauler

Bluewater 55L


NA2610 - Engineered for long haul on land, air and sea, this gear bag features waterproof construction with urethane coated zippers and a 210 denier coated nylon shell.

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ma2611 greenwater 35l waterproof deck bag

Greenwater 35L


MA2611 - The Greenwater deck bags are absolutely water tight utilizing a 420 denier Hypalon shell and the same Aquaseal® zipper used in the Mustang Survival dry suits.

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ma2612 greenwater 35l waterproof deck bag

Greenwater 65L Waterproof


MA2612 - Greenwater gear haulers are designed to be tied down and withstand the most violent conditions the ocean can bring.

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