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Automatic HIT™ Inflatable PFD

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MD5283 Elite 38 automatic inflatable H.I.T.

Elite™ 38 HIT™ Inflatable


MD5283 - Blends lightweight with durability and the highest buoyancy rating for commercial inflatable PFD's at 38 lbs. The light weight body armor industry outer shell is reinforced with TPU abrasion patches in hard wearing areas. Descreet anodized inflation handle reduces interference. Wicking mesh liner and back vent enhances breathability. Aerodynamic 3D chassis reduces drag at high speeds.

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MD5183 Elite inflatable HIT personal flotation device

Elite™ 28 HIT™ Inflatable


MD5183 - It's time to push the limits of performance without compromise. Built on revolutionary 3D chassis, the Elite™ Inflatable PFD stays put at high speeds, lets you move the way you want and NEED to and provides automatic inflation powered by Hammar® Hydrostatic Inflator Technology. The bright fluorescent yellow-green inflation cell provides 28 lbs buoyancy when inflated.

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MD3183 automatic hydrostatic inflatable PFD

Deluxe HIT™ Inflatable


MD3183 02- The Hydrostatic Inflator Technology HIT™ offers reliable inflation in a low maintenance design that will only automatically inflate when submerged in 4 or more inches of water and not inadvertantly due to rain, spray or humidity.

** For government agencies, this product is available manufactured in a TAA compliant location for an additional $50.00.

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md6284 ep ocean racing inflatable vest

EP 38 Inflatable Ocean Racing Vest


MD6284 - Mustang Survival MD6284 Ocean Racing Inflatable Vest is built with a revolutionary low profile chassis engineered for the elite ocean racer.

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MD3188 auto inflatable work vest

HIT™ Inflatable Work Vest


MD3188 - With a comfortable, low-profile fit, the Mustang Survival Inflatable Work Vest offers enhanced mobility and reduced heat stress, allowing crews and professionals to work more efficiently throughout the day. Its 35 lb buoyancy rating means the added safety of extra flotation.

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MD3183 T3 ANSI high visability auto inflatable pfd

Deluxe HIT™ ANSI


MD3183 T3 - Constructed of ANSI approved high visibility materials also worn by police, EMS and traffic controllers, the MD3183 T3 is Mustang's brightest inflatable yet. The MD3183 T3 can be custom screened on the back for company or agency identification.

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MD3183 LE law enforcement version HIT auto inflatable

HIT™ for Law Enforcement


MD3183 LE - The MD3183 LE includes a back flap that can be screened with your department identification and is designed to be worn in conjunction with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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MD3183 T2 auto inflatable with SOLAS reflective take

Deluxe HIT™ with SOLAS


MD3183 T2 - 64 square inches of SOLAS reflective tape is available for professional users requiring high visibility at all times. Includes back flap with reflective tape.

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MD3184 automatic inflatable HIT with sailing harness

Deluxe HIT™ with Harness


MD3184 02 - This award winning inflatable PFD with the exclusive USCG approved HIT™ and Sailing Harness is Mustang Survival's top of the line inflatable PFD with an integrated harness.

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MA6000 utility pouch for inflatable PFD's

Utility Pouch


MA6000 - Designed specifically for U.S. Coast Guard and provides adequate space to stow required signaling and survival equipment.

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