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Suit Repair

Even small leaks in Immersion Suits, Survival Suits or Rescue Suits can lead to great discomfort and increased risk for the wearer.

Machovec offers the most comprehensive repair and maintenance for all makes and models of Rescue Suits, Survival Suits, Immersion Suits, Dry Suits and Wet Suits.

Is your suit in need of rescue?

We have the experience, tools and quality parts and materials to get the job done in a professional, timely manner.

Rescue Suit Repair survival suit repair immersion suit repairCertified Repair Facility

Immersion suit manufacturers recommend a complete suit inspection of your immersion suit by a certified inspection and repair facility at intervals not exceeding every two years. Many maritime authorities require annual inspection of suits regardless of age. Re-certification of Immersion Suits now requires leak testing.

IMO regulations with regards to immersion suits are rigorous, with crew required to perform onboard monthly tests. More significantly, however, the regulations also require that every three years each suit be subjected to an air-pressure test to check the integrity of the seams and closures, and it is recommended by the IMO that this take place at a shore based facility with staff trained and equipped to carry out any necessary repairs.

The US Coast Guard put out a circular in support of the IMO recommendations which includes a checklist for shipboard inspections of immersion suits and guidelines for periodic testing of immersion suit seams and closures. Click HERE to view.

We strongly recommend all Rescue Suits and Survival Suits that come in for repair be leak tested. Sometimes there are other weak spots that don't appear until after a repair has been made. With the latest technologies in testing available, Machovec can repair your immersion suit, rescue suit or survival suit to ensure full operational capabilities. Our method of testing enables us to see every inch of the suit. This method also gives us the opportunity to manipulate the suit while being tested which is helpful in tracking those hard to find leaks. Suits are always tested twice; Once to locate the problems and secondly after the repair has been made to ensure the problem has been fixed.

Leaks can happen anywhere on a suit, not just from punctures or tears. Many times seams begin to leak.

Seal ReplacementStearns Industrial safety & Survival survival suit repair immersion rescue suit repair

  • Wrist Seals
    • Latex Seals
      • Standard
      • Heavy Duty Long
      • Heavy Duty Short
      • Installation ONLY (seals provided by the customer)
    • Neoprene Seals
      • Cone Seals
      • Fold Under Seals
  • Neck Seals
    • Latex
    • Neoprene
    • Installation ONLY (seal provided by customer)
      • Extra charge applies if attached hood must be removed and replaced
  • Ankle Seals
    • Late
    • Neoprene

Boot or Sock ReplacementMustang Survival rescue immersion survival suit repair

  • Latex Socks
  • Hard Soled Non-Insulated Rubber
  • Hard Soled Insulated Rubber
  • Neoprene Socks
  • Installation of customer supplied boots


  • Latex Hood Attachment
  • Neoprene Hood Attachment
  • Replacement of Face Seal on Hood
  • Installation of customer supplied hood

ZippersRevere Imperial Immersion Suits survival rescue suit repair

  • Standard Entry Zipper, YKK
  • Heavy Duty Entry Zipper, YKK
  • Uni Suit
  • Relief Zipper - 10"
  • Rescue Suit
  • Survival Suit
  • Jacket Zipper
  • Ankle Zipper
  • Wrist Zipper
  • New Velcro® Flaps


  • New Inlet Valve
  • New Exhaust Valve
  • Move Valve and Patch Hole
  • Valve Testing and Cleaning
    • Exhaust Valve
    • Inlet Valve
  • P-Valve Installation - Customer Supplied

Leak Repairs

  • Seams - All Suit Types
    • Charged per foot of seam
  • Punctures
    • 1/4" and smaller charged per puncture
    • Larger holes charged at tear price
  • Tears
    • Charged per foot of seam
  • Seal all seams

Machovec repairs all suit material types, and all manufacturer styles.

We also offer the following:


  • Dry Gloves / Ring System
  • Knee Pads
    • Kevlar® Knee Pads Installed
    • Neoprene Knee Pads
  • Pockets
    • Utility Pocket with Flap
    • Bellows Pocket
    • Knife Pocket
  • Zipper Guards

Commercial Marine Gear We Repair:

Mustang Survival




Helly Hansen





Guy Cotten


Terms & Conditions:

Customer is responsible for shipping to and from the repair facility. Return shipping charges will be added to the invoice total. Machovec is not responsible for losses or damage during shipping.


We receive suits for repair in all conditions. It is our intention to repair suits to the best of our ability according to their existing condition. Our warranty extends only to the work we perform. 30 days of NORMAL usage for latex parts and waterproof zippers. 90 days of NORMAL usage for workmanship and labor. Machovec reserves the right to rule on what is considered NORMAL use and what is considered harsh or adverse use.