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rap200k rope tender kit

Rescue Rope Tender


RAP-200K - This water and ice rescue rope tender kit is a convenient option for any rescue professional. This kit includes Reel-A-Pail QuickWinder™ RAP-200 offering a re-usable, easy to use solution to drying and storage of water and reflective ice rescue rope.

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quickwinder rap200

QuickWinder™ 200


RAP-200 - RAP-200 is for the long, hard to handle no matter what you do with them ropes. If you have ever wrapped up 200 feet of 1/2" rope you know what kind of misery that can be. When you are done, you have a nice easy to handle package that makes your rope usable at any length.

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quickwinder rap100

QuickWinder 100


RAP-100 - RAP-100 is the most popular rope reel in the QuickWinder™ line of products. This unit can handle up to 100 feet of 1/2" rope or cord.

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quickwinder rap225

QuickWinder™ 225


RAP-225 - RAP-225 provides extra capacity over the RAP-200. It comes with a standard carrying handle as well as two side handles that are molded into the container.

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quickwinder rap150

QuickWinder™ 150


RBC - RAP-150 is a step up from the RAP-100. This unit will hold 150' of 1/2" rope. This industrial retractable QuickWinder™ will protect and "tame" most any stubborn rope.

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quickwinder rap50

QuickWinder™ 50


RAP-50 - The RAP-50 can be used to wrap rope, line, electric cord, air hose, water hose, coax cable, fiber optic cable, even Christmas Tree lights!

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