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QuickWinder™ 200



MSRP $86.25

RAP-200 is for the long, hard to handle no matter what you do with them ropes. If you have ever wrapped up 200 feet of 1/2" rope you know what kind of misery that can be. When you are done, you have a nice easy to handle package that makes your rope usable at any length.

QuickWinder™ portable reels are a proven "different" approach to rope, cord or cable handling in civilian or military environments. QuickWinder™ electric cord reels are being used in industry, law enforcement, military, fire departments, construction, AV studios, homes, etc. The QuickWinder™ rope reel is a cost effective industrial product that will perform a multitude of rope winding and cord storage applications. From the most compact to the largest reels, a rope storage solution awaits you.

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Cord Diameter Reel Capacity 1/4" 650' 3/8" 325' 1/2" 200' 5/8" 125' Height: 18.75" Base: 12" x 12" Weight: 9 lbs

Available Colors



quickwinder rap200
*Cord not included

quickwinder rap200

Reel-A-Pail qwickwinder part of the rescue rope tender kit


  • Easy to load and unload
  • Extends rope life
  • Keeps rope clean
  • Prevents fraying and twisting of rescue rope
  • Recessed cavity with fold down handle to allow stacking for storage
  • Simply walk and unreel to dispense rope
  • Easy to operate: Place foot on the foot plate, guide rope with one hand while turning reel with the other
  • Mountable to decks, walls, roofs, trucks, etc.

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