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8 Strand End to End Splice

8-Strand End For End Splice Class 2

Class 2 8-strand ropes are made in whole or in part from any of the following high modulus fibers: Dyneema®, Vectran®, Technora®, and PBO®.

STEP 1 - Getting Started

8-strand end to end splice image 1Lay ropes out and count 30 picks or crowns from end of both ropes. Tie string or tape securely at these points.

Tools Required: A splicing fid or marlinspike, sharp knife or scissors, plastic or masking tape, marking pen, light strong string.

8-strand end for end splice image 2STEP 2 - Marking

Holding the end of the rope, note the pairs of strands going to the left. Mark these pairs. Mark the strands up to the string and continue to mark the strands for five (5) or more picks beyond the strings.

8-strand enf to end splice image 3STEP 3 - Separating & Taping

Remove tape from the end. Start unlaying strands in their respective pairs. It is important to keep them together. After they are separated into pairs up to the string, untwist the pairs. Tape the ends of the pairs together with a taper as shown.

8-strand end-to-end rope splice image 4Lay out ropes as shown.

8-strand end for end splice image 5STEP 4

It is important that the next steps of the procedure be followed carefully.

  • Marked L {1} Strands go between Marked R {1} Strands
  • Unmarked R {2} Strands go between Unmarked L {2} Strands
  • Unmarked L {3} Strands go between Unmarked R {3} Strands
  • Marked R {4} Strands go between Marked L {4} Strands

8-strand end-to-end splice image 6STEP 5

After the initial step has been completed, you should have something that looks like the drawing. Marry the ropes as shown in Step 6. This part is preferably a two-person job. Cut the string that you previously tied at the splicing points of both ropes.

8-strand end-to-end splice image 7STEP 6

Keep the ropes together snuggly. Tie a piece of string tightly around the splicing point as shown below.

Start your splice. A marked pair under an unmarked pair of strands. Now you can follow the same procedure as the eye splice. But we suggest that you complete one (1) full tuck in one direction and then do a full tuck on the other side of the marriage. Pull everything tight before proceeding.

8-strand end-for-end splice image 8STEP 7

Complete splicing in both directions so that each side is finished off as per strand reduction sequence (steps 7-10) of the eye splice procedure.

We hope you found these rope splicing instructions helpful. If you require any further assistance, feel free to call Jay @ 763-263-9835.