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Care and maintenance of Mustang Survival PFD with LIFTInflatable PFD's with LIFT

The new Inflatable Vest PFD with LIFT (Life-saving Inflatable Flotation Technology) provides extreme safety performance and exceeds the US Coast Guard standard freeboard more than 2 times. Its 40 lbs of buoyancy and special design lifts you further out of the water than any other life jacket. LIFT provides up to 9” of freeboard, while a typical vest only provides 3” - 4”. This reduces mouth immersions by 80%, increasing the chance of survival.

Constructed with a durable wind and waterproof fabric, the lightweight vest is designed with a short profile that ensures maximum mobility during even the most rigorous activities. An optional sailing harness can be installed and is available for purchase separately.

Extreme safety performance

Exceeds US Coast Guard standard freeboard performance

Lifts you out of the water and provides extra support

40 lbs of buoyancy and up to 9" of freeboard when inflated

Lightweight & comfortable design

Neoprene comfort collar and mesh back

Inflator service window

Displays ready status at a glance

PFD lift you out of the water


Automatic or manual PFD with LIFT
  • Comfortable neoprene collar
  • Durable wind and waterproof fabric
  • Reflective Mustang Survival logo on front and back for increased visibility
  • Mesh back allows for additional cooling
  • At-a-glance inflator inspection window: green indicates inflator is ready for use. Halkey Roberts 1F Auto or 3F Manual CO² inflation system
  • Short profile for comfort and mobility
  • Pocket for strobe light
  • Stabilizing wings on the sides and behind the neck provide support in rough waters
  • SOLAS reflective tape for visibility
  • Backup oral inflation tube
  • Safety whistle
  • Inflation system delivers over 40 lbs of buoyancy when inflated and up to 9" of freeboard

LIFT - The Inflatable PFD Revolution

mouth immersions increase risk of drowningExperts agree that reducing mouth immersions increases your chances of survival in marine rescue situations. The Inflatable Vest PFD with LIFT delivers up to 9 inches of freeboard outperforming industry-standard Inflatable PFD's by reducing mouth immersions by 80% and increasing your chances of survival. LIFT is also available in the Mustang Survival Ocean Racing Jacket.

Mouth Immersions Increase Risk of Drowning

LIFT reduces mouth immersionsTurbulent marine environments and variable wave conditions make for hazardous and sometimes unpredictable boating conditions; the rougher the water, the higher the risk of falling overboard. Once in the water these same conditions increase your risk of drowning by increasing the likelihood and number of times your mouth may be underwater. Reducing the number of mouth immersions will increase your chances of survival.

Manikin testing in 20" (50 cm) waves shows that LIFT reduces mouth immersions from 31% to 35% of the time, a reduction of more than 80%.

LIFT - The Inflatable Revolution

Based on experience developing inflatable technology for the US Air Force and NASA, Mustang Survival developed the revolutionary Lifesaving Inflatable Flotation Technology - LIFT - inflatable cell, which can provide up to 9 inches of distance between the mouth and the surface of the water. This distance, called freeboard, decreases mouth immersions by elevating the head and chest up and out of the way of waves and swells

LIFT Reduces Mouth Immersions and Increases Visibility

Tested for the most hazardous and treacherous wave conditions at independent UL-approved research facilities, the PFD with LIFT delivered up to 9 inches of freeboard and outperformed other industry leading PFD's by dramatically reducing mouth immersions by 80%. The higher freeboard also increases your chances of survival by increasing your visibility to rescue teams - the higher your head and chest are out of the water the easier it is to see you.