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MS2175 anti exposure coverall work suit from Mustang Survival

MS2175 Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall Worksuit by Mustang Survival in orange
Available Colors:
MS2175 anti-exposure work suit from Mustang SurvivalMS2175 anti exposure worksuit in black  Orange/Black
MS2175 Mustang Survival anti exposure coverall in orange  Orange

MS2175 Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall Worksuit by Mustang Survival in orange and black

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Coast Guard
Military - Land
Military - Sea
First responders
Homeland Security
Law Enforcement
Commercial Fishing
Industrial Marine
Off-Shore Oil & Gas

Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall & Worksuit XS-2XL $380.40
Retail $590.54
3XL $418.40
Retail $649.54

MS2175 - Mustang Survival's MS2175 Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall and Flotation Work Suit is insulated with Mustang AirSoft™ foam for a lighter and more comfortable fit than the MS2075 Coverall Flotation Suit and delivers an immersed Clo value of 0.420. Comfort Cuff™ technology creates a relaxed and comfortable fit around the wrists, and is matched by the overall relaxed and comfortable fit of the suit design. Featuring two chest pockets, large front cargo pockets and an inflatable head pillow for additional in-water support and buoyancy, this suit blends functionality and features to meet the demands of a wide range of professional and industrial uses.

The MS2175 Deluxe Anti-Exposure Worksuit delivers significantly more hypothermia protection than just a jacket or pant. This, combined with maximum flotation in the event of accidental water immersion makes the MS2175 an excellent choice for activities around the colder northern waters.

Mustang Survival flotation suits are designed to protect the wearer from foul or cold weather, and use closed-cell foam to offer flotation and hypothermia protection in the event of water immersion. Tug-Tite® technology and Velcro™ wrist and ankle closures improve fit and limit water flushing if immersed, SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility.

Suitable for a wide range of uses from recreational boating to industries like offshore oil and gas work to the rigors of the US Coast Guard, the Deluxe Anti-Exposure Worksuit Coverall is comfortable and roomy so it won't impede your activities.

MS2175 NV - This version of MS2175 Anti-Exposure Coverall Worksuit includes "US Navy" silk screened on the back. United States Navy affiliation is required upon ordering of this version.

** For government agencies, this product is available manufactured in a TAA compliant location for an additional $85.00. If you require this you must select yes below to receive the GS version.

See size chart below

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TAA compliance required

MS2175 NV US Navy Version (add $160.00; must qualify)

Personal Locator Light MI5732
(add $27.40)

Retractable Ice Awls (add $22.40)

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  • Hypothermia and flotation protection
  • Inflatable head support pillow for additional buoyancy
  • Relaxed fit for comfort and mobility
  • Mustang's High Performance Nylon™
  • AirSoft™ Foam Flotation System
  • Tug-Tite® closures at thighs and ankles cinch easily for improved fit and minimize water flushing to delay the onset of hypothermia
  • Neoprene wrist closures for weather protection
  • SOLAS reflective tape enhances visibility
  • Ergonomic insulated hood folds into collar
  • Two chest pockets and extra large hip pockets offer additional storage
  • Large inside pocket
  • Black suit is available by Special Order, Allow 8-10 week lead time.

Approval: U.S.C.G. UL1123 - Marine Buoyant Devices 160.064 - Type V Worksuit & Type III PFD when worn
SIN 633-40
Immerced Clo = 0.420

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  Chest Waist Inseam
XS 30"-34" 28" 27"
S 34"-38" 28"-30" 27.5"
M 38"-42" 32"-34" 31"
L 42"-46" 36"-38" 32"
XL 46"-50" 40"-42" 33"
XXL 50"-54" 44"-46" 34"
XXXL 54"-58" 48"-50" 35"
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Mustang Survival's commitment to quality has earned their Richmond, VA facilities ISO9001 registration, the highest of all international standards. This is Mustang Survival's guarantee you're receiving the ultimate in design and manufacturing.
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