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Ice Commander™ Ice Rescue Suit

IC9001 03


MSRP $1,282.45

Ice Commander™ is the suit of choice for Coast Guards, Search and Rescue teams, Fire Departments and all Ice Rescue professionals. The modular suit is completely waterproof with awater tight hood, integrates gloves, and attached boots. Most importantly, the flotation and insulation performance of Mustang AirSoft™ foam used in the zip in buoyancy liner allows users to immerse themselves for long periods of time in icy cold water and maintain mental and physical capabilities. Each Ice Commander™ has an integrated chest harness for attachment to tether lines, ice awl pockets for storage, rubber gloves, reinforced knees and non-slip soles on the attached rubber boots. As well, each suit is 45% lighter than other rescue suits as it is made in a high visibility welded nylon shell, thus enabling maximum flexibility and performance. This version offers an updated liner with zipper and Velcro™ attachments which allow easier removal for cleaning and repair.

NOTE: A Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is available upon written request for all users requiring the DoC to fulfill MED requirements. Please send DoC requests to Customer Service with details on the individual products and Lot/Serial numbers for which a DoC is required. The Lot Number can be found on the approval markings at center inside back of each suit, while the 5-digit Serial Number can be found on a label located inside the face shield of each unit. Both Lot Number and Serial Number are also marked on the outside of each suit bag.

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Zipper Lubricant MA2292 (add $62.40)
Repair Kit MA2290 (add $68.40)
Personal Locator Light MA7099 (add $49.40)
Retractable Ice Awls (add $26.25)

Available Colors

IC9001 03 ice commander ice rescue suit Gold

IC9001 03

IC9001 03 ice rescue suit

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  • 45% lighter than other rescue suits
  • Watertight Hood & Face Seal features SOLAS reflective tape and Velcro™ patch for light attachment
  • Heavy Duty Zipper - Flexible full length zipper provides a watertight seal
  • Welded Nylon Outer Shell provides waterproof and durability
  • High performance urethane coated nylon exterior makes cleaning and repairs easier
  • Integral self-adjusting safety harness
  • NEW Ergonomic Ice Awl Pockets Sleeve pockets customized to attach and stow ice awls. (Ice awls not included) For information on retractable ice awls Click HERE
  • Pockets easily secured with Velcro™
  • Detachable Inner Buoyancy Liner constructed of closed-cell Airsoft™ foam for maximum flotation and thermal insulation
  • Replacement liner MA2282 03
  • NOTE: IC9001 03 is not compatible with the MA2282 02 replacement liner
  • Liner can be unsnapped and removed for cleaning and in the field repairs
  • Reinforced Knees are reinforced and padded with 2.5 mm neoprene
  • Seat and elbows are reinforced with shell fabric
  • Durable rubber soles provide traction on wet surfaces
  • Adjustable ankle strap fastens down and holds suit's foot in place
  • Compact storage case storage volume has been reduced by 17% compared to a conventional neoprene suit
  • 5 fingered gloves attached to each sleeve
  • Palms provide abrasion resistance and better grip
  • Replacement carry bag available MA2001

The IC9001 03 universally sized cold water and ice rescue suit can be donned quickly and offers versatility to respond to different rescue scenarios.

Approval: Not currently categorized for Coast Guard approval
SIN 633-21a

SKU: 062533353817

IC9001 03 Size Chart

  Body Mass (lbs) Height (feet) Body Mass (kgs) Height (m)
Universal 110 - 330 4' 11" - 6' 7" 50 - 150 1.5 - 2

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Mustang Survival IC9001 03 is comparable to Stearns I596. For more information check out our Ice Rescue Comparison Chart.

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Mustang Survival Warranty and Repair Information

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The Ice Commander™ is intended for ice and still / static cold water rescues only by trained professionals with the required and approved operating standards and requirements of their state or county.

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