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IC9001 03 Ice Commander Ice Rescue Suit by Mustang Survival

Ice Commander™ Ice Rescue Suit


IC9001 03 - Ice Commander™ is the suit of choice for Coast Guards, Search and Rescue teams, Fire Departments and all Ice Rescue professionals. Its integral chest harness, ice awl pockets, gloves, reinforcements and non-slip soles keep you prepared for any emergency. It's also highly visible and, with a welded nylon shell and removable AirSoft™ foam liner, is 45% lighter than conventional neoprene suits, thus enabling maximum flexibility and performance.

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IC9002 02 Ice Commander Ice Rescue Suit Pro

Ice Commander™ Ice Rescue Suit Pro


IC9002 02 - Providing enhanced safety, comfort, mobility and ease of use, the Ice Commander™ Rescue Suit Pro offers insulation and flotation performance allowing rescuers to be immersed in icy cold water for extended periods of time. The IC9002 02 accomodates a wider range of body types while offering unmatched adjustment to suit the needs of individual rescurers. Mustang Survival has set the standard in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for cold water rescue.

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MIS230 HR neoprene cold water immersion suit

Cold Water Neoprene Immersion Suit


MIS230 - Designed for use in commercial operations, the Immersion Suit from Mustang Survival is the ideal ship abandonment suit for workboats, transport vessels, drilling rigs, supply ships, steamships and commercial fishermen. Mustang Survival's Cold Water Neoprene Immersion Suit offers flotation and hypothermia protection when every second counts. Mustang Survival made their Cold Water Neoprene Immersion suit available in four sizes as proper sizing has been shown to increase survival time.

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OC8000 Ocean Commander Immersion Suit from Mustang Survival

Ocean Commander™ Immersion Suit


OC8000 HR - Ocean Commander® is 45% lighter than conventional neoprene suits, it's easy to get into and so flexible it's ideal for abandonment procedures. IMO's SOLAS regulation covering the carriage of immersion suits on all cargo vessels went into effect July 1, 2006. SOLAS Chapter III 32.3 requires one properly sized immersion suit for each crew member plus additional suits at remotely located watch or work stations.

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MS2175 anti-exposure coverall flotation worksuit

Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall Worksuit


MS2175 - Completely insulated with Mustang AirSoft™ foam to deliver an immersed Clo value of 0.420, the MS2175 Deluxe Anti-Exposure Worksuit delivers significantly more hypothermia protection than just a jacket or pant. This, combined with maximum flotation in the event of accidental water immersion makes the MS2175 an excellent choice for activities around the colder northern waters.

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MSD644 heavy duty boat crew drysuit

Sentinel™ Series Heavy Duty Boat Crew Dry Suit


MSD644 - This constant wear boat crew dry suit is constructed with military grade Gore-Tex® BD6.5 waterproof breathable fabric. This dry suit is ideal for boat crew members who don't intend to enter the water but require hypothermia protection in case of accidental immersion. This innovative 2-layer suit includes an inner Gore-Tex® drysuit layer and a heavy duty Cordura® protective outer layer. DISCONTINUED Limited Stock

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ms2175 united states navy work suit

Anti-Exposure Worksuit


MS195 FR - Developed in response to a unique requirement for a coverall that provides flotation, hypothermia and fire protection to the wearer. Bringing all of the features of Mustang Survival's line of deluxe flotation suits, the MS195 FR flame resistant version offers an anti-static 6 oz Nomex® IIIA outer shell and lining. While the MS195 FR is based on the original floater suit concept used by industrial clients on or over water, this specialized version has been modified extensively for use in the aviation environment.

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MS2000 03 Flight Commander II for Oil Rig Platforms

Flight Commander II for Oil Rig Platforms


MS2000 03 - Designed for transporting helicopter passengers over water and for use as an immersion suit on oil rig platforms, this suit's versatility significantly reduces operator's cost of ownership. The Mustang Helicopter Suit System (MHSS-2) consists of the MS2000-2 Flight Commander II Suit and MD1128A-2 Life Preserver (purchased separately).

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SC1000 Submarine Surface Commander Escape Suit

Submarine Surface Commander Escape Suit


SC1000 - Mustang Survival's Submarine Surface Commander self inflating compact abandonment suit was designed as a maintenance free, quick don abandonment suit that provides unequalled thermal insulation and flotation in a damage tolerant design while using a minimum of the precious space available on submarines.

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