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CMP Hydra Bucket

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CMP Attachments Hydra Bucket is designed for heavy duty industrial use. It is a new invention that makes your skid loader more versatile. You are able to grind stumps, roots, brush, hard ground, driveways, grass and also pulverize dirt. It has carbide teeth to engage every inch of the ground. The drum is bidirectional, so it is a powered box blade in reverse and a leveling bar, a bucket, dirt pulverizer, stump grinder, brush mower, and can be used to help the skid loader move in low traction situations.

The Hydra-Bucket is built with industrial grade AR-400, AR-200, & Grade-50 material. CMP also uses 5" ball bearings that are triple sealed for complete protection from dirt. The drum is covered with carbide cutter teeth to pulverize and shred just about anything in its path.

The Hydra Bucket also has two cutting edges leading up to the carbide filled drum that chews up anything trying to pass through the drum. The Hydra-Bucket boasts 6,700 inch/lbs of torque from the hydraulic Char-Lynn motor which is housed directly in the drum for ultimate wear and protection. You also get additional control from the direct-drive and powerful motor which only protrudes 2.5" beyond the side plate. CMP has also added crossover relief valves to help with sudden shock to the hydraulic system.

CMP Attachments Hydra Bucket is the most useful and powerful bucket on the market. The Hydra-Bucket will have multiple uses on the jobsite. It can grind out a stump, back drag with the drum, drive forward with the drum to prep soil for seeding, or be used to grind hard ground or driveways. It can also be used as a brush mower to cut the brush off under the ground but yet still move dirt around and spread it out with the drum to pulverize it.

CMP Attachments strives to develop products that save you time and money. Their products are built to run 40+ hours a week like you do. All CMP Attachment products are built in-house to ensure quality is at its highest standard.

CMP Attachments Hydra Bucket helps the jobsite be more efficient and profitable.

To order call 763-263-9835 or email Jay to obtain a freight quote. Prices do not include freight which is determined upon delivery location verification. Usually ships in 4-8 weeks upon order.

Hydra Bucket

CMP Attachments hydra bucket soil conditioner

CMP Attachments hydrabucket soil conditioner

CMP Attachments hydra-bucket soil conditioner

CMP Attachments product brought to you by www.machovec.com
PinIt Hydra Bucket


  • Heavy Duty construction utilizing AR-400, AR-200 & Grade-50 Material
  • 5" ball bearings triple sealed for complete protection from dirt
  • Drum is covered with carbide cutter teeth to pulverize and shred
  • 2 replaceable cutting edges chew up material before passing through the drum
  • 6,700 inch/lbs of torque from the hydraulic Char-Lynn motor
  • Motor is housed directly in the drum for ultimate wear and protection
  • Direct-drive powerful motor only protudes 2.5" beyond the side plate
  • Crossover relief valves help with any sudden shock to the hydraulic system
  • Tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability and prevents rust
  • Standard flow = 0-24 GPM


Model Description
42-HBUCKET 42" Mini Skid Steer Hydra-Bucket
48-HBUCKET 48" Mini Skid Steer Hydra-Bucket
66-HBUCKET 66" Hydra-Bucket
72-HBUCKET 72" Hydra-Bucket
78-HBUCKET 78" Hydra-Bucket
84-HBUCKET 84" Hydra-Bucket

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CMP Attachments Hydra Bucket
Hydra Bucket Brush Cutting

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