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Water Rescue Rope

Our water rescue rope is designed specifically for situations where a victim is in the water. All water rescue rope floats for easy visibility to the victim and is the perfect choice for our throw bags, buoy retrieval and ferrying lines.

Quick Winder™

The Quick Winder™ reel system is available in a variety of sizes and in use by Fire Departments, RV and rental stores, Military and Government departments, contractors, tradesman, utility companies, farmers and homeowners for maintenance, rescue, marine and janitorial applications.

Quick Winder™ is a great companion for Water Rescue Rope.

Machovec offers Industrial Rope and Cordage
Welcome to home of Mustang Survival flotation gear and industrial rope

Machovec is a proud Orion industrial rope distributor Machovec retails and wholesales quality industrial, lockline, mooring line, agricultural, arborist, theater and stage, marine, yachting and sailing ropes and cordage. Our rope and cord products range from natural manila to synthetic nylon, polypropylene, polysteel & polyester braided, double braided and twisted styles.

Our business revolves around quality rope products and individualized customer service. Our sales staff are experts in the rope business. We know our ropes and their applications, performance specifications, and standards for strength and usage.

Machovec is the importer of this rope cutting gunMachovec also offers a wide range of accessories as a companion to industrial rope. Splicing instructions are available HERE and nothing makes your splicing projects go smoother or look more professional than our rope cutting gun.

Hand splicing services are available. Our in-house splicing department can tailor make any tow rope or strap to your particular specifications. All hooks used are heat treated for added strength. Our thimbles are designed to line the inside of the rope providing a long wearing surface which enhances the life of the rope.

We inventory an incredible selection of
  • Rescue rope
  • Rigging lines
  • Dock lines
  • Anchor lines
  • Accessory lines
  • Recreational running and rigging
  • Dock & mooring ropes
  • Tug-lead lines
  • Long tow lines
  • Ship assist lines
  • Safety tie-down lines
  • Climbing ropes
Machovec is a leading supplier of Mustang Survival products
Tom Ridge of Homeland Security wears Mustang SurvivalFor more than 35 years Mustang Survival has been committed to providing life support solutions for people exposed to the most hazardous environments. Through constant innovation and application of new technologies, Mustang Survival has established themselves as a leading supplier of survival solutions to the most demanding military, professional and recreational users.

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Mustang Survival's teams of scientists, engineers, and designers have studied the complex dynamics that occur when the human body is subjected to variable wave actions and variable sea states. In fact, they re-create these environmental conditions to test their products. Mustang Survival's expertise regarding the physics of human flotation, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the user's activities enables them to develop solutions that integrate seamlessly into the lives and the work of the end user.

Numerous regulatory bodies, that work to ensure your personal safety, strictly regulate flotation devices. Mustang Survival works closely with these agencies and has been a major contributor in setting safety standards.

Machovec is proud to be one of the largest stocking dealers of the following products:

  • ANSI approved gear
  • Aviation suits
  • Aviation Suit Accessories
  • Ice Rider™ snowmobile gear
  • Industrial Flotation Vests
  • Automatic Inflatable PFD's
  • Automatic Hydrostatic Inflatable PFD's
  • Manual Inflatable PFD's
  • Tactical Inflatable PFD's
  • Integrity™ Gear
  • Flotation Jacket's, Coat's and Pants
  • Mustang Survival Accessories
  • Camouflage Gear
  • Flame Resistant Gear
  • Mustang Re-Arm Supplies
  • Special Operations Gear
  • Special Suits such as Work Suits and Dry Suits
  • Special Suit Accessories
  • Gear for the US Navy
  • Gear for the US Coast Guard
  • Gear for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • Recreational Vests
  • Rescue Devices