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Manual Inflatable PFD's

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MD2014 02 inflatable personal flotation device

M.I.T.™ Manual Inflatable


MD2014 02 - Membrane Inflatable Technology M.I.T.™ is a brand new inflatable technology used exclusively in Mustang Survival's next generation of inflatable PFD's. M.I.T.™ inflatable PFD's use stretch materials derived from the medical industry. By using less fabric and lighter weight components, this PFD provides an overall lighter, more flexible and comfortable fit.

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MD2981 dlx manual inflatable PFD

DLX Manual Inflatable


MD2981 - With a more comfortable fit around the head and neck, the Mustang Survival MD2981 DLX offers 38 lbs buoyancy and features a MOLLE compatible attachment system for custom configuration of gear, a discrete anodized side pull inflation handle, and dual side adjusters for easy size customization. The DLX is a popular choice for kayak fishermen and general boaters.

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MD3085 deluxe manual inflatable PFD

Deluxe Manual Inflatable


MD3085 GS - This inflatable PFD is manually activated, meaning you control when it inflates. The Velcro™ closure makes the MD3085 easy to wear and maintain while closing to the outside to reduce chafing around the neck and chest.
** For government agencies, this product is manufactured in a TAA compliant location.

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MD3085 LE manual inflatable law enforcement

Manual - Law Enforcement


MD3085 LE - Deluxe Inflatable PFD's combine the advanced safety of inflatable technology with new product enhancements such as comfort improvement features and a safety inspection window to readily tell users if the inflator is ready for use. The neoprene Comfort Collar™ eliminates neck irritation and the back flap can be lettered with department identification.

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MIV10 manual inflatable fisherman vest pfd

Manual Fisherman's Vest


MIV-10 -Excellent for fishing in warm weather, the Mustang Inflatable Fishing Vest is comfortable and lightweight - so you might forget you're wearing a PFD. Activated by manually pulling an activation cord, the Inflatable Vest is lighter and cooler than regular foam vest but still offers the same flotation performance. Great to wear over a t-shirt or layers while lake or river fishing.

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MD7183 khimera hybrid inflatable pfd

Khimera™ 22 Hybrid PFD

NEW 2018

MD7183 - Lightweight and low profile design offers greater comfort and range of motion, and eases re-entry into your boat from the water. Eight lbs foam buoyancy keeps you afloat without bulk. Pulling the manual inflator boosts you to 22.5 lbs of buoyancy - 1½ times buoyancy than traditional foam vests. New in 2018, not yet available.

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MD3075 manual inflatable belt pack pfd

Manual Belt Pack PFD


MD3075 - This inflatable belt pack from Mustang Survival fits around the waist like a belt, staying out of the way until you pull the inflation cord. Easy to wear and maintain, it inflates to provide 35 lbs buoyancy, more than twice the flotation of a traditional foam PFD. When the cell is inflated, it must be pulled over the head for proper use as a flotation device.

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MA6000 utility pouch for inflatable PFD's

Utility Pouch


MA6000 - Designed specifically for U.S. Coast Guard and provides adequate space to stow required signaling and survival equipment.

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MA3632 pfd belt extender

PFD Belt Extender


MA7632 - The belt extender allows wearers with large size requirements to use most Mustang Survival inflatable PFD's and will add 12" to the waist belt.

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MD3082 manual inflatable with sailing harness

Manual & Sailing Harness


MD3082 - Mustang's new line of inflatable PFD's combine the advanced safety of inflatable technology with new product enhancements such as a safety inspection window to readily tell users if the inflator is ready for use and a neoprene collar to eliminate neck irritation. MD3082 has sailing harness rings that exceed ORC standards designed specifically for rough waters.

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