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MRV170 Rescue Swimmer Vest

Rescue Swimmer Vest


MRV170 - Hailed as the first rescue swimmer vest to turn a compliance driven device into a tactical piece of equipment that actually helps get the job done. Designed for the performance driven public safety water professional who can't afford to be impeded by extra gear, this vest blends two of Mustan Survival's core competences - inflatable flotation and foam flotation - to offer a slim profile flotation solution.

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MRV150 Swift Water Rescue Vest

Swift Water Rescue Vest


MRV150 - Universal Swift Water Rescue Vest is a high buoyancy (25 lbs) USCG approved Type V SAR PFD. The MRV150 was developed with ongoing feedback from the water rescue community and was designed specifically to meet the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs of rescue professionals facing the challenges of swift water. The MRV150 is one of the most visible rescue vests available today.

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MRV050 WR Shore Based Water Rescue Vest

Shore Based Rescue Vest


MRV050 WR - Mustang Survival's operations support water rescue vest delivers a more compact, light weight solution for rescue vests, while still providing 15.5 lbs of buoyancy to the wearer. This bright orange vest with reflective tape on the front and back is easily visible in and around the water, while the Fast Tab on the front chest acts as an easy attachment point for accessories such as knives, scissors or strobe light.

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MV5600 high impact sar vest

High Impact SAR Vest


MV5600 -The MV5600 Search and Rescue Vest is strength tested to 100 mph meaning it has been designed, tested and approved to hold up to rigorous activities. The many features of the MV5600 provide security and comfort for water rescue personnel and Search and Rescue teams.

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